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StarleneB | Paypsychic

Hi my name is Starlene Breiter, but you can call me Star! I am an astrologer, psychic, I read Tarot Cards and I am a Reiki Master. I knows many systems of Astrology, including an evidence based one called Vibrational Astrology. I have graduated a 3 year astrology school. It is my life's path to help others with love, career, finances, family and more! I am friendly, honest, intuitive and kind.

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  •   starfish57  9 timer siden

    Excellent reading and also being able to pinpoint things with astrology. Really got specifics.
    It was great! Thank you.

  •   starfish57  1 dag siden

    Really good understanding of all aspects of my questions and provided good insights and reflections and solid predictions.
    Thank you.

  •   acathy4u  1 dag siden

    had I great reading today a lot of clarity so happy we had this time to talk... feeling better! She is always so helpful and honest even the parts that I wish weren't true she tells me... at least I can handle it and not be blindsided. I love her!

  •   starfish57  2 dage siden

    This reading gave me a lot of confirmation on suspicions and decisions I've been contemplating. It was an excellent reading from that standpoint. Thank you!

  •   mgirlwithagun  4 dage siden

    good reading as always gave me some insight

  •   starfish57  7 dage siden

    really good reading with confirmations about things going on in my life. I believe what she says will come true.
    thank you!

  •   starfish57  11 dage siden

    Good private with lots of information done in an efficient manner. Good reading! Thank you!

  •   acathy4u  18 dage siden

    good reading after rough day... not exactly what I wanted but it is good to know

  •   Arcava  24 dage siden

    love her so much!!!

  •   acathy4u  26 dage siden

    great reading and I am one handed right now so she is always amazing

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