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Iris999 | Paypsychic

2.99/min**My tarot readings are always honest and accurate. A tarot reading is the best way to gain insight into your life and find solutions to obstacles you have faced, you are facing, or will face in the future Even if my tarot readings doesn't have the power to change future events, it can help you anticipate them.

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  •   Glockman32  5 napja

    Thank you Iris, I am glad that you confirmed my ideas and how things will work out. I thank you so much for helping me keep things straight with the S.D. lol
    Take care, God Bless you. STAY WARM!!! :D

  •   edel95  10 napja

    love her always on point

  •   cowgirlcb  15 napja

    Great she picks up fast and is kind and caring great reader Blessings xoxo I have come to see her many times and will keep coming to see her

  •   Glockman32  24 napja

    Thanks Iris, It helps just to talk to you and get it off my chest, and I promise I won't do anytihng stupid and cause any issues, I have been doing this too long to blow it.. I truly love her more than life and I will NOT screw it up. No matter what.
    Thanks, you're a real friend and a sweetheart.. God bless you... Hope you have a great b-day and Merry xmas

  •   Glockman32  29 napja

    Iris, you're so wonderful thank you so very much.
    You do give me the answers I'm looking for and thank you for always being truthful..
    You are a blessing to me. Thank you for being a good friend also.
    Take care. God bless you.

  •   cowgirlcb  1 hónapja

    Very good great speaking to her she sees a lot and very helpful lots of good things and tells the truth no matter what even if its not what you want to hear she is honest and dont lie great reader Blessings

  •   annapreuss  1 hónapja

    Iris is sharp and quick in reading your questions. I find her readings very helpful in letting me understand what is going on and how to better deal with my life or the lives of others I care about.

  •   annapreuss  1 hónapja

    Well Iris gives me good ideas, inspires me, accurately predicts things about tohappen, and they happen...helps to to understand someone I worry for..their fears and I get better with her advice.

  •   annapreuss  1 hónapja

    yay Iris for putting up with my grumpy anger I had to let out. She stays calm, always professional....doesn't waste a nanosecond of my time.

  •   Joann88  1 hónapja

    She is great. Fast and great!!

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