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  •   甚麼是Paypsychic?

    Paypsychic is the world’s largest spiritual community, and the only live webcam platform that allows users to video chat with psychics and spiritual advisors live and in the comfort of their own home. Though recognized worldwide for its psychics, anyone with a spiritual message or skill (ranging from horoscope, dream interpretation, Reiki healing, tarot card reading, meditation, clairvoyance, to even spell casting) can use Paypsychic. Paypsychic’s mission is to help connect, inspire and empower the world’s spiritual community by bringing ancient knowledge to the digital age.

  •   實時串流是如何運作?

    The 占卜師 have a webcam or camcorder set up in their room or studio which broadcasts a live video feed through the Internet.

    You must have the Adobe Flash plug-in installed on your browser to view the camera feeds. For any technical assistance, you may contact our Online Support staff, available 24/7.

  •   Paypsychic's 使用條款

    Please read the Terms and Conditions

  •   paypsychic.com 規則和社區準則




    Paypsychic致力於保護版權所有者的權利,並力求遵守所有適用的有關知識產權保護的法律。未經授權的複制,分發,修改,公開展示或公開表演版權作品構成侵犯版權,Paypsychic將對重複的版權侵犯者採取適當措施。有關詳細信息,請查閱 Paypsychic's一般使用條款

    No Alcohol/Drug using

    No Promotion of other sites or other services outside of Paypsychic

    No Imitation of medical help

    No free reading in Free Chat

    No eating/sleeping/smoking/using mobile phone in free chat

    No unregistered people's appearance in the camera feed

  •   我如何檢舉某人?

    If you notice inappropriate behavior, copyrighted material, spam users or anything else suspicious please contact our Online Support staff, available 24/7.


  •   我忘記了密碼,我該怎麼辦?

    Please use the forgot password to recover your password. After providing your username and registered email address, check your email to complete your password reset. If your login details do not reach you, please contact our Online Support staff, available 24/7.

  •   我如何刪除我的帳戶?

    Please contact our Online Support staff, available 24/7.

  •   如何更改我的帳戶密碼?


  •   我需要技術幫助,我該怎麼辦?

    For any technical related assistance please contact our Online Support staff, available 24/7. Our support team is equipped to address most connection related issues.

  •   paypsychic.com採取了哪些保護措施來保護我的數據安全?

    Paypsychic非常關注你的私人數據。我們的付費平台絕對符合(1)PCI DSS的國際要求,公司也定期通過(2)McAfee和VeriSign驗證。我們確保你的個人數據絕對安全,所以你在使用Paypsychic時不必擔心。

    • PCI DSS是一個多方面的安全標準,包括安全管理,策略,程序,網絡架構,軟件設計和其他關鍵保護措施的要求。此全面標準有助於組織主動保護客戶帳戶數據。
    • 通過顯示McAfee Secure Trustmark標誌,消費者可以確保對網站進行了嚴格的掃描和測試,以了解可能對敏感客戶信息構成威脅的漏洞。 VeriSign專門研究數據。加密和電子商務,是業界最廣泛使用的公司,以證明網站是安全和加密的。


  •   我如何直播?

    Download DoclerCam and log in with your email address and password.

  •   How do I manage my Fan Club?

    In your 占卜師 Center go to your Fan Club. Here you can upload and manage photos, videos and notes for both the Free and Premium Content of your Fan Club. Members need to subscribe to your Premium Content in order to access it.

  •   甚麼是收費內容?

    Premium content is content that you make available only to the fans that click Subscribe to your Fan Club. They can access your premium content for one month and you’re in control of how much they pay to unlock the feature.

  •   如何為我的收費內容設置價格?


  •   如何獲得收費內容的付款?

    You can check out how much you’re earning from your Premium Content by going to 占卜師 Center, then by clicking on Payout, then Income Overview.

  •   如何上傳視頻?

    轉到 占卜師中心,然後點擊內容,並選擇你要上傳的內容類型:免費或收費。從那裡去相冊,然後你可以創建新相冊,或轉到現有相冊以添加更多照片。

  •   如何上傳相片?

    轉到 占卜師中心,然後點擊內容,並選擇你要上傳的內容類型:免費或收費。從那裡去相冊,然後你可以創建新相冊,或轉到現有相冊以添加更多照片。

  •   How do I see my own Fan Club?

    Go to 占卜師 Center, click on either Free or Premium Content and then Preview.

  •   甚麼是DoclerCam?

    You are advised to use the DoclerCam software if you want better quality Full HD video up to 1080p on your streams. DoclerCam is only available for Windows® 7, Windows® 8 and Windows® 10 and Mac users at the moment.

    1. 你需要在你的電腦上擁有管理員權限。
    2. 確保你的電腦滿足以下要求:
      • 最小1024x768屏幕
      • 1Mbit以上上載速度的寬頻
      • Flash Player 10或以上 (Download)
      • Microsoft DirectX End-User Runtime version 9.0c或以上 (下載)
      • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.5x或以上 (Download)
      • CPU Intel Core i5或Intel Core i7,至少4核心處理器
      • 2GB記憶體
    3. 啟動DoclerCam安裝程式
    4. 運行DoclerCam
  •   我需要DoclerCam軟件成為占卜師嗎?

    No, but it is highly recommended. You can stream using your web browser only, although the video quality is limited to 480p. After clicking Go Live allow paypsychic.com to access your camera and microphone to begin your live broadcast.

  •   How do I delete my Fan Club?

    Please contact our Online Support staff, available 24/7.

  •   如何獲得私人環節的報酬?

    You can set how much Members have to pay for a private reading. The costs per minute varies between 0.49 credits / minute to 9.99 credits / minute.


  •   甚麼是代幣?

    Credits are what we use on paypsychic.com to pay 占卜師 for their services. You can purchase credits by clicking on “Buy Credits” in the header, at the top of the main page.

  •   如何購買代幣?

    Click on "Buy Credits" at the top of the main page, in the header. There are various credit packages you can purchase.

  •   如何可以查閱我的帳戶餘額?

    You can check your credit balance by clicking on "Buy Credits". Once you get to the credit package page you will see the amount of remaining credits on the upper right hand side.

  •   我在那裡可查詢到付款資訊?


  •   我在那裡可找到付款支援?


  •   免費及收費內容的分別是甚麼?

    Free content can be accessed by anyone. In order to access Premium Content you must subscribe to a 占卜師's Fan Club that has uploaded Premium Content. The cost options are set up by the 占卜師 and you will either pay:

    • 每月0.99個代幣
    • 每月4.99個代幣
    • 每月9.99個代幣
    • 每月14.99個代幣
  •   我可以如何獎勵我最愛的演藝家?


    1. 直播時的各種獎勵:
      • Little Surprise = 1 credit
      • Nice Surprise = 5 credits
      • Great Surprise = 10 credits
      • Huge Surprise = 20 credits
      • Giant Surprise = 50 credits
      • VIP Surprise = 100-9999 credits
    2. 訂閱上等內容
    3. 私人環節
  •   訂閱和追蹤有甚麼分別?

    If you Follow a 占卜師, they will be saved in your Favorites list. Anyone can follow a 占卜師.

    In order to Subscribe to a 占卜師, they need to have Premium Content uploaded to their Fan Club. Subscribing to Premium Content costs a certain amount of credits / month that is set by the Fan Club owner.

  •   即時聊天是如何運作的?

    On the homepage, click on any 占卜師 that’s live and you will see their chat room on the right hand side. You can only take part in the conversation if you’re signed up/logged in.

  •   What are Private Readings and how do they work?

    A private reading takes place when you click on „Start Private Chat” during a Live stream. Members can request a private reading with you while you’re streaming live.