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RockPsychic | Paypsychic
29 years experience, master psychic intuitive, energy reader, psychic teacher, spiritual mentor, reverend, life & well-being coach, energy worker, healer, animal communicator, chakra healing, accurate readings, timelines, reality tampering, setting karma with dharma, love, happiness, health, abundance, all areas of life. Hobbies: Find missing children, helping authorities, solving murders.
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  •   RockPsychic  12 dage siden

    Please check out my wall to see all the tools you can have me use during your reading. Look in my Fan club for some "self divination" to answer some basic questions.

  •   janicecat85  15 dage siden

    Excellent reading!

  •   starfish57  2 måneder siden

    Accomplished alot within the minimum package available for the time. thank you!

  •   RockPsychic  3 måneder siden

    ABOUT: 28 years of enlightenment training & professional experience, master psychic intuitive, spiritual mentor, reverend, priestess, credentialed life/well-being coach, energy worker, healer, animal communicator, timelines, chakras, love, happiness, health, abundance.

    Specialty Reading: Chakra Reading- Reading of all current emotions and what you are attracting into your life in the near future based on your current perception and emotions.

    Speciality Reading: Timeline Reading- Your past timeline fractures as a child affect your current day. Learn what childhood issue is challenging you and how to shift your perception to cope.

    Speciality Reading: 2017 Month by Month Forecast. Showing you what will manifest into your life and how to dodge the difficult times by using master of life awareness and perception adjustments.

    Speciality Session: A Reading of Your Current Spiritual State-of-Being and Spiritual Coaching for Your Path to Enlightenment.

    Speciality Session: Settle Your Karma with Dharma, Wisdom to Stop the Undesirable Patterns that Reoccur in Your Life that are Uncomfortable.

    **** Special Request Session: **** “ROCK N’ RIO” Meet Rio a 2 year old Norwegian Forest Cat with a strong connection the spirit realm and trained to communicate via yes and no to your questions live on camera in private. Rio will also communicate with your pet by webcam. Translation provided by RockPsychic. You will witness Rio nodding his head. Please request Rio before going to private.

    Please click on Start Private to Begin Your Own Personalized Reading & Advice. Thank you.

    ★ TIME SHIFTING: Observation of Any Date or Time Frame within your Life using an Empathic Connection and Telepathy to see your Past, Present and Future

    FACT: RockPsychic works with domestic and international (Real Life Super Heroes) & Authorities to Solve Domestic Crimes and Locate Abducted Children in the Middle East

    SCHEDULE: I will be on Oranum every day with the exception of Monday's and Tuesday's. Thank you.

  •   Stormfire28  3 måneder siden


    I feel positive and she actually give me guidance to overcome "person"!!!

    Thank yOU!!!

  •   RockPsychic  3 måneder siden

    Thank you love love love

  •   SerenityHalo  3 måneder siden

    I love and am so thankful for this genuine conversation. To know someone can instinctively understand something with very few details and give direction on it is an amazing gift. I'm really thankful for what RockPsychic was able to confirm for me and also get me on a positive direction. I'm so thankful I crossed paths with her today. This was what I needed today. Thank you so much.

  •   RockPsychic  3 måneder siden

    Thank you SerenityHalo you are loved and appreciated! Love, Love, Love, RockPsychic

  •   LiveJasmin Team  3 måneder siden

    LiveJasmin Team ønsker dig Tillykke Med Fødselsdagen!

  •   RockPsychic  4 måneder siden

    ★ Thank you for the POSITIVE Feedback! ★ My Clients are Loved and Appreciated *

    ☺ I found the BEST to predict exact time!!!! Been searching through Oranum for a while and just found her. She is the right woman for the job to help!!! Amazing and gifted lady!. TY Rock! You rock!!! reena2323, NY

    ☺ I have spoken to many reader's and spent many thousands of dollars like others, only to receive a different answer from most. Believe me when I say Chickie is by far, THE BEST AND MOST ACCURATE. She provided detailed info about now that nobody could know. I knew a few things coming and she hit on them without me asking a question. Talk to her no matter what she charges. She will save you hundreds of dollars with one call rather than talking to several others. GUARANTEED!!! InfinateUniverse, Michigan

    ☺ I have been around the block with psychics and medical intuitives. This girl has it, she is fabulous. I cannot say enough about her being on target, medical intuitive reading was SO ON POINT. she gives so much information that is helpful but more than that she knows things. 10 min is not enough. buy enough credits to get enough time to get all your q's answered, I would give her 1000 stars if I could. babszolla, Minnesota

    ☺ Amazing!!!!!!! This was my first time, and so I didn't purchase a lot, so I didn't get a long reading. But from the moment she started she was right on the mark! She is the REAL DEAL! There is no way she could of told me what she did in 3 min. if she wasn't! A True GIFT to the WORLD and a True Blessing to those that choose her. melisa2012, West Hills

    ☺ Such a connection with animals :) It was quite something! Both of my rats were still when she was connecting with them, and usually they fidget so much. They definitely knew that Chicky was connecting with them. It's reassuring to know that Itz thinks I am his world, as I think he is mine. I'm sad that he's still mourning his brother, but glad that he has Loki to rely on now. And thank you for passing some messages to my Nan, she is forever in my thoughts. rattylovemuffin, UK

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