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OpheliaJade | Paypsychic
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Merry We Meet! I am a High Priestess of the Pagan/Wiccan tradition and a witchcraft practitioner, haling from Salem Massachusetts. I am here to provide you with your own personal, accurate reading, though multiple forms of divination, including, Tarot, Oracle and Runes, along with many others. Stop on in for a mystical journey into the depths of the unknown. Until then, Merry We Part!
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  •   sunshinea1993 hace 1 mes

    Thank you so much, her reading are so accurate and honest. i lover her reading. she is also quick and fast. thank you once again :) will return to her again

  •   OpheliaJade hace 1 mes

    Glad to help :) love and light...

  •   blessedx3 hace 3 meses

    Thank you. Your reading was very helpful in the way of advice

  •   Athanasoula hace 4 meses

    Once again, amazing insight! Jade has been very accurate with everything going on and I didn't have to say a word. Thank you soo much! Great advice too on things to come.

  •   Athanasoula hace 5 meses

    On point as usual! All the things you have predicted have come to light and then some! Thank you soo much for your insight! You rock!

  •   Athanasoula hace 6 meses

    Amazing as always!!!! Thank you sooo much

  •   Teenie42485 hace 6 meses

    she's always wonderful to talk to and always sets my mind at ease! love you miss jade!!!

  •   rekatheprincess hace 6 meses

    Thank you!

  •   OpheliaJade hace 6 meses

    My pleasure, and thank you for joining me :) I enjoyed our little chat. Love and light!

  •   pokemonk hace 6 meses

    He gave me a pretty quick answer. and all her comments were very true to my situations.
    Thank you.

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