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Leelahel | Paypsychic
87 evaluări
Working on Oranum since site launch in 2011—I am sensitive to moods, state of mind and intention.—Specialties include: romance, finance & career, spiritual path, monthly & weekly timelines.—Please conduct yourself respectfully. Ignore unsavory trolls and don't ask me a question right upon arrival.—Good manners are rewarded in chatroom.
  • Spaniola

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  •   starfish57 18 zile in urma

    Thank you so much! I appreciate your quick responses and no sugarcoating. Thank you!

  •   Leelahel 22 zile in urma

    Due to popular demand I have decided to offer a free card for a vote and a rating on 4 out of 7 days of the week. Please be considerate of the experts and they will show you lots of kindness. I am here to help you and to aid you in finding out which solutions are available to your problems.

  •   starfish57 1 luna in urma

    Thank you for a very straight forward reading.

  •   starfish57 1 luna in urma

    Very fast, direct and amazing with accuracy of situations. Thank you!

  •   starfish57 3 luni in urma

    Very accurate! Also, gave me some predictions.
    Hope all comes true!
    thank you!

  •   niharika_1985 4 luni in urma

    always a pleasure and predictions happen!!!!!

  •   starfish57 5 luni in urma

    thank you for a wonderful reading.
    lots of good information.
    hoping for the best.
    Thank you!

  •   walt89 5 luni in urma

    Thank you very much :) as always direct.

  •   Lala4405 5 luni in urma

    excellent reading

  •   yatayatayata 6 luni in urma

    wonderful reading

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Ai atins lungimea maximă a mesajului (140 caractere).

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