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MicheleB | Paypsychic
30 evaluări
Imagine if you could find answers to questions close to your heart...well in my psychic private readings you now can! My readings are similar to the traditional fortune teller and the gift of prophecy allows me to guide you and see future events unfold. I can show direction and how to make the most of any situation, so I do not foretell doom and gloom!Special weekend rates at $1.69. Blessings x
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  •   stickyfingers 1 zi in urma

    incredible, consistent, compassionate and very detailed and accurate. exemplary!!!

  •   stickyfingers 6 zile in urma

    outstanding, simple loving and her visions are constant

  •   stickyfingers 16 zile in urma

    Just wonderful and so truthful and her visions have come to pass. The real deal and i mean that for sure!

  •   Your Support Team 19 zile in urma

    Your Support Team iti ureaza La Multi Ani!

  •   stickyfingers 1 luna in urma

    incredible energy and insight a must read is totally recommended

  •   Mishenka 2 luni in urma

    Very Accurate!

  •   graciej 2 luni in urma

    Excellent! Clear, concise and on point!

  •   Lolabe11a 2 luni in urma

    TY Michele! You are always spot on and I will call again soon :)) XOX

  •   goldnsunshine 3 luni in urma

    I love speaking with MicheleB. So intuitive, describes people and situations with accuracy, and I look fwd to her foresight!

  •   stickyfingers 3 luni in urma

    Where are you? Miss your energy and accuracy! Blessings

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Ai atins lungimea maximă a mesajului (140 caractere).