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Meeting Jasmin Art Exhibit

Featuring thirty-three original artworks by three artists, Meeting JASMIN was inspired by JASMIN models, with each piece of art portraying the many emotions people encounter upon first meeting a new friend, lover, or muse – lust, desire, understanding, empathy, mischief, and love. Each artist renders their own digital interpretation of a woman’s face and the story she tells, and purveyors of the art are left with their own interpretation of that story. Прочитать больше ...

Office Cribs: 6 LA tech offices that'll give you office envy

"We wanted the feel of our office to reflect our culture as a whole: creative, progressive and fun," said CEO Balazs Sipocz. "We searched a long time for the perfect fit, and knew we found it with this space." Прочитать больше ...

Old Hollywood Buildings Get Makeovers and Turn ‘Creative‘

LOS ANGELES — The former prop house at 720 North Cahuenga Boulevard was once old Hollywood. Прочитать больше ...

Путешествие в тысячу миль начинается с одного шага

Это был 2001 год, когда несколько венгерских предпринимателей, среди которых был Георгий Гатьян (Gyorgy Gattyan), решили объединиться, чтобы создать небольшую компанию под названием Jasmin Media Group.

The basic concept was to start an internet-based reality show, based on the growing trend of Reality TV shows, with a focus on adult entertainment. They could see the potential in their new enterprise,and yet none of them could even imagine the heights their garage project would reach in the very near future. Very soon the small group grew much larger, complete with developers, designers and a 24/7 support staff who would manage their flagship website, Docler.com.

From the very beginning, Docler.com was unique in many ways. It was the only service that offered unregistered users a view of the Психология‘ streams.

Docler.com was also the first such service that provided an outstanding, around-the-clock online support service.

In this early stage of the website‘s life, the number of members and Психология were nowhere near to the massive amount it services today. Nonetheless, Docler.com‘s appearance on the Internet had a massive impact. In a relatively short period of time, Docler.com quickly rose to join the ranks of the most visited websites in the world and they became market-leaders in the development of live online adult video-chat entertainment.

Поток прямо в будущее

In 2003, the number of visitors quickly grew from a few hundred to a few thousand and soon their numbers reached hundreds of thousands. Today, Docler.com services more than 35 million visitors daily. Alexa has listed it as one of the 100 most popular websites of the last decade on a worldwide scale.

Docler.com is now also available for smart TVs and mobile devices, including both IOS and Android. The ultimate goal is to make the dreams of futuristic high-tech communication a reality of today.

Наши ведущие силы - это творчество и инновации

Docler.com is part of the Docler Holding Group, a multinational enterprise, which counts more than 1000 employees worldwide and is headquartered in Luxembourg. The group was built on the idea of creating unique, exciting and fun services, but it became more - a vision about a brand new way of thinking ready to meet the challenges of the future.

"Движущие силы, стоящие за всеми нашими действиями, это творчество и инновации." Contact: press@doclerholding.com

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