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The terms of this agreement (the “Agreement“) govern the relationship between an individual user (as a Member or Visitor) on one side and Duodecad IT Services Luxembourg S.à r.l. (hereafter referred to as “DDITS”) with registered address at 44, Avenue John F. Kennedy, L-1855 Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg on the other side.

DDITS is the operator of paypsychic.com. The aforementioned website is hereafter referred to as the “Website”.


  • 會員/客戶/訂戶


  • 訪客


  • 廣播者


  • 代幣餘額

    Users have the opportunity to obtain Credits, to pay for premium services, by purchasing packages. Payments are securely processed by our payment processors, and the purchased Credits consequently displayed on the Member’s account as available balance.

  • 免費聊天/廣播


  • 私人諮詢/收費廣播


  • 網站營運商

    Means DDITS.


1. 内容

  • 1.1 paypsychic.com is a single and exclusive franchise based business to consumer (B2C) online interactive live streaming video chat website.
  • 1.2 廣播者在他們的攝影機面前聊天和進行現場網絡表演和工作坊,為世界各地的訂戶,根據網站內他們感興趣的區域自由選擇圖片、視頻和免費聊天區域。
  • 1.3 會員可選擇與廣播者進行「雙向視頻私人諮詢會議」。
  • 1.4 訂戶可決定是啟用以上功能還是保持匿名。
  • 1.5 All Broadcasters acting on Oranum.com are acting as independent services providers and they may in no event be considered as Employees of Oranum.com, its agents or commissionaires. Any services provided by the Broadcasters will be the sole responsibility of the Broadcaster and in no event the recommendations advices provided by the Broadcasters as the ones of Oranum.com.
  • 1.6 在選擇預期內容之前,訂戶應參考在特定國家/地區為此建立的服務、價目表和可用付款方式,此信息可在網站上查看。
  • 1.7 各種內容的性質反映了他們個人作者的意見,而不是網站的意見。

2. 服務及保證

  • A The Website is divided into specific areas, which provide free and payable contents. The Website is constantly adding new services in order to accommodate its Subscribers' requirements.
  • B The Website makes, to the extent permitted by law, no warranties or representations as to the information, services or products provided through or in connection with the services. Subscribers' use of the service is at their own risk.
  • C The Website seeks, at all times, to provide each Subscriber with the best content and services available. However, it cannot give warranty of merchantability, fitness for any purpose, or non-results of the use of the content in terms of their correctness, accuracy, timeliness and reliability or otherwise.
  • D Neither the Website nor any party involved in creating, producing, or delivering the service or content is liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect or punitive damages arising from the access to, use of, or interpretation of, the services, products or information provided by or through the Website, without prejudice to the terms established below in the present Agreement.

3. 原則

  • A The Website has no intention to support immoral interests; therefore strict rules have been set forth.
  • B paypsychic.com’ services are only available for persons over the age of 18 (21 in some regions).
  • C Persons under the age of 18 (21 in some regions) are not allowed to become Broadcasters on paypsychic.com.
  • D The Website support team undertakes all possible efforts to check Subscriber’s information and chat logs for violations with the means made available.
  • E The Website reserves the right to apply immediate and permanent suspension in case a screen name is offensive, or upon the slightest suspicion of forgery.

4. 會員註冊過程

  • A By registering on the Website and by accepting this Agreement, the Subscriber hereby expressly consents to the supply of services during the withdrawal period and the Subscriber expressly acknowledges that he/she is expressly losing his/her right to any withdrawal/cancellation right as regards the supply of said services. The above express consent is acquired in accordance with the Directive on Consumer Rights (2011/83/EC) as of 25 October 2011, transposed in Luxembourg by the Law of 2 April 2014.
  • B By registering on the Website and by accepting this Agreement, Subscribers agree to indemnify, pay the costs of defense and hold harmless the Website, its officers, directors, affiliates, attorneys, shareholders, managers, members, agents and employees from any and all claims, losses, liabilities or expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) brought by third parties arising out of or related to their conduct, statements or actions, as well as breach of any term, condition or promise contained herein and unlawful conduct in the framework of this Agreement.
  • C In case of Subscriber’s unlawful conduct or breach of the present Agreement, the Website may terminate, without notice, Subscriber's account and/or anything associated with it. The Website shall not be held responsible for any possible loss as a result of such termination nor for any credit compensation or refund.
  • D The present Agreement shall be effective as from the date when the User enters the Website and/or the Subscriber registers on the Website and accepts this Agreement; it shall remain in force until duly terminated by either party in full compliance with the terms and conditions expressly set forth in this Agreement.

5. 費用、代幣補償、退款及非法行為

  • A The Subscriber may purchase credit packages to spend on the different Website; therefore the selection of services must be preceded of the consultation by the Subscriber of the correspondent content, price list and means of payment made available on the Website.
  • B The content may either be free or payable. The option of “preview live videos” is free. If the Subscriber wishes to access premium features ( such as private reading), he/she must click on “start a private reading ” or “ consult now” to begin a private video chat with the Broadcaster where the purchased credits are used on a per-second basis.
  • C 訂戶可以在與廣播者的私人諮詢期間使用選項「快速購買」。此功能允許訂戶立即於私人廣播期間使用所選的代幣包充值其餘額。
  • D Subscribers may also use the smartbuy feature to enjoy private shows without interruption. The feature allows the system to automatically top-up a Subscriber’s credit balance whenever the account balance falls below 7 credits. By default the smartbuy purchases a package. However the Member has the option to change the smartbuy purchase amount.
  • E 會員會在每次發生自動購買時透過自動電郵通知,並可以在其帳戶設置下停用該功能。
  • F 如果銀行拒絕交易,「精明購買」功能將自動停用。之後當會員成功購買一次,「精明購買」功能將再次被激活。
  • G 使用任何推薦選項將更改訂戶設置的默認付款方式付款。
  • H Billing of a given account (the actual price payable for credit packages) depends on the physical location where the account has been created. Please take into consideration that the Website reserves the right to round prices and therefore, shall be entitled to apply rounding.
  • I In case of any query, DDITS will be able to help you regarding your transactions made through different payment providers as well, by contacting the provider in question. Therefore, for billing information and support the following contacts should be used: 44, Avenue John F. Kennedy, L-1855 Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or send an email to support@dditservices.com. The Website does not store nor has access to transaction details.
  • J 對於銀行費用信息,會員應直接諮詢其銀行。
  • K The Website will not take responsibility for any difficulty occurring outside the Website.
  • L Any complaint must be placed, within 24 hours counted from the occurrence, at the Website’s customer service. Given the complexity and particularities of the procedure to determine the righteousness of the complaints placed after the referred 24 hour period, these shall only be acknowledged in case of force majeure. The Website’s customer service team may, whenever deemed necessary, carefully investigate reports and other data at its disposal, resorting to any existing means for such effect.
  • M 根據會員協議第(IV-A)條明確放棄退出/取消權利,在會員已開始消費購買的代幣包的情況下,不接受退款或取消請求。但是,根據以下條款中規定的條件,可能會退還部分款項。
  • N The Website will only compensate/refund credits in the amount proportionally determined in accordance to the price paid and problem effectively reported when any credit is lost due to dysfunction of the Website or a Broadcaster totally and explicitly refuses to provide a service he/she is normally meant to provide or that he/she agreed to provide.
  • O Due to the payment system applied and third-party payment processors, only the same amount can be refunded which was originally paid for the purchase (i.e. no partial refund of credit packages bought is possible). For this purpose whenever only part of the credits is used, refund would only be possible by restoring the credits on your account. No payment refund will be possible. Refunds, when possible according to the above, will be issued using the same payment method the purchase was made with. The corresponding amount of credits will be deducted from the account's balance. Certain payment methods do not allow the refund because of technical reasons. Amounts spent on related services, such as FanClub fee, Surprise, Sneak Peak, Model Channel and/or Snapshot feature and/or offline/private messages, are not subject to refund/compensation.
  • P Notwithstanding the above, the Website will not be liable for any defamatory, offensive or illegal conduct of any Subscriber, or for any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to, alteration of or use of records, whether under contract or tort theory, or under any other cause of action, for any amount over and above the amount paid by the Subscriber to the Website.
  • Q Under no circumstances, including, but not limited to, negligence, shall the Website or any of its related, affiliated companies be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages that result from the use of, or the inability to use the service, without prejudice of the established in the present clause.
  • R 與在線交易相關的不誠實行為將會在考慮到訂戶的隱私下優先處理。這種情況下有可能會外判給專業公司處理。
  • S The Subscriber accepts that in case of any fraudulent transaction the Website has a right to use all available information at its disposal during any kind of legal procedure. Including, without the claim of completeness, browser history, IP and email addresses and any other traceable activity. During such legal procedures the Website might involve other professional investigator parties and share certain information in order to comply with law requirements, vindicate its rights and represent the best interests of its Customers. The Subscriber will stay liable for investigation or collection costs related to any fraudulent transaction.
  • T The Website grants full cooperation to legal authorities investigating fraudulent transactions and other matters falling under legal jurisdiction and responds to subpoenas and court orders.
  • U The Subscriber accepts that the Website reserves the right to round payments to be paid as compensation/refund, and therefore shall be entitled to apply rounding.
  • V When new persons register on the Website, they may purchase packages with bonus credits. This option is only available for one time for new purchases of first-time users; a new account registration alone on any of the Website is not enough to be considered as a new user. Members who already made 10 consecutive package purchases may opt to buy packages with bonus credits. Bonus credit packages are not available with CCBill and phone purchases. Bonus credits are part of the full credit package, and therefore refunds are NOT possible after spending them on the Website.
  • W All currency and transaction related costs are included in the displayed price of credit packages. The Website reserves the right to modify the prices incurred from the fluctuations of currency exchange rates.

6. 訂戶聲明

  • A The Subscriber authorizes the Website and/or any other entity under instructions of the Website, to monitor, record and log all my online activities on the Website (including chat, video, e-mail).
  • B The Subscriber acknowledges and agrees that any material recorded or any original work made under this Agreement and/or when using the Website’ services (and all rights therein, including, without limitation, copyright) belong to and shall be the sole and exclusive property of the Website.
  • C The Subscriber hereby expressly assigns, and transfers, without further compensation, to the Website and/or to any other entity acting under the instructions of the Website, the results, content, and proceeds of his/her appearance(s) (including all such appearances made to date) videos, audio, chat, dialogue, texts, acts, and instructional videos and advices, all of which are part of services provided - including all author rights to the above mentioned materials, renewals and extensions of such rights worldwide and throughout the whole validity period of such rights. The Website or any other entity acting under its instructions shall be deemed the authors thereof for all purposes and owner of all rights, title and interest, of every kind and character for the period of the validity of such rights, including any extensions and renewals, throughout the universe.
  • D The Website may use and reuse, publish, distribute, edit, excerpt, exhibit and otherwise exploit my name (real or fictional), likeness, persona, performance, voice, pictures, chat, video, audio, biological information and identification, and statements, for any and all uses, in whole or in part, in any and all media and manners now known or learned, for use throughout the universe, without limitation, including in connection with the advertising, exploitation and publicizing.
  • E 訂戶不會發出任何個人資料。
  • F The Subscriber hereby expressly waives any rights and declares to withdraw any claim, to the extent permitted by law that any use by the Website violates any of his rights, including but not limited to moral rights, privacy rights, rights to publicity, proprietary or other rights, and/or rights to credit for the material or ideas set for therein.
  • G The Subscriber grants to the Website, its successors, licensees and assignees the right to use any photos taken by him/her (via webcam or by other means) and sent for publication on the site, without further payment to him in printed publications, digitally on the internet or via CD, or any other media, without restrictions.
  • H The Subscriber hereby expressly waives any further financial compensation for any of the rights assigned, transferred or granted to the Website under this Agreement.
  • I 訂戶聲明並確認他/她不是代表某人行事,而是作為個人消費者,在任何情況下,根據本協議購買服務均不能被視為他/她的專業活動的一部分。

7. 訂戶的責任

  • A The Subscriber agrees not to copy, reproduce, republish, download, transmit and/or make available to the public any of the content/materials of the Website without the prior consent of the Website.
  • B 訂戶對任何虛假的信息披露需負責,並對因查看、閱讀或下載本網站中包含的材料和圖片而引起的任何法律索賠負責。
  • C 訂戶承擔全部責任以維護他/她的帳戶和密碼的安全。
  • D The Subscriber will not arrange personal appointments with any Broadcaster, since it is prohibited.
  • E 訂戶不得使用淫穢的言語,威脅或與之競爭,或侵犯訪問者,廣播公司,oranum.com的支持人員或網站的管理,因為它是禁止的權利。
  • F 發送或轉發的文本內容和選擇的會員名稱不會令人反感帶攻擊性。
  • G 會員不會使用標準所不能接受的備註和會員名,表明違反規則或欺騙他人。
  • H The Subscriber will inform, immediately the Website of any unlawful conduct of the Broadcasters, as well as of any unlawful use of trademarks, brands and/or registered music.
  • I The Subscriber will not solicit, purchase or sell any goods or enter into any business or deal with the Broadcasters.
  • J The Subscriber will not take any advice, recommendation or suggestion made by any Broadcaster as a professional advice, screening any information given to him/her and acting on his/her own free will.

8. 取消訂閱

  • A The Subscribers have the option to unsubscribe at any time from The Website’ services.
  • B The Subscription cancellation can be accomplished by visiting The Website 24/7 Customer Service Center or by sending an email to help@paypsychic.com.
  • C 帳戶取消後,訂戶狀態將更改為「已取消」,所有付款相關詳細信息都將被存檔。
  • D The Website reserves a right to suspend or cancel any subscription in case of breach of any term of this Agreement or any unlawful conduct of the Subscriber in the framework of this Agreement and to contact any relevant authorities, including but not limited to initiating any criminal complaint and contacting state if deemed necessary.

9. 個人資料和隱私政策

  • A The Subscriber hereby authorizes the Website to process technical data related to his/her visit to the Website and his/her personal data, including sensitive data, provided by him/her or collected during the registration process in accordance with the present Privacy Policy, during the period of his/her subscription with the Website and after cancellation of his/her subscription during the period necessary for the Website to comply with legal requirements.
  • B The Subscriber has not and will not provide any false information and/or documents to the Website. Therefore, He/She recognizes that the Website have the right to, immediately and unilaterally, terminate the present Agreement upon the slightest suspicion of forgery.
  • C The Subscriber allows all his/her data to be inspected by the Website, randomly, resorting to any existing means for such effect. Notwithstanding, He/She is aware that it is not their duty to proceed with such inspection and said entities will not be considered responsible, either jointly or severally, in case of his/her unlawful conduct.
  • D The Subscriber agrees and authorizes the Website, to obtain and store information automatically from his/her computer used to visit the Website (with use of cookies and similar technologies). The Website may track the Subscriber’s visit to a Website by giving a choice to accept cookies when entering. Cookies help to collect anonymous data by tracking user trends and patterns.
  • E The Subscriber agrees and allows the Website to collect, process and communicate to its processors, including the processors situated in countries not ensuring an adequate level of protection according to European Commission, the following types of data/information related to Subscriber:
    1. Information that the Subscriber voluntarily provides to and/or authorizes to view, such as names, email address, address, date of birth and other miscellaneous account information submitted through paypsychic.com submission Forms.
    2. Number of visits and areas of the Website’s pages visited by the Subscriber. Software and hardware attributes might get logged too, along with any other data that can be gained from the general internet environment, such as browser type, IP address, etc.
    3. Private communications, such as telephone conversations, chat logs, faxes and letters to the Website’ staff along with e-mail messages to Broadcasters. The Website also keeps Broadcasters chat, client logs for a limited period of time.
  • F The Website will use the data collected from the Subscribers for mainly general purposes, such as improving services, contacting the Subscribers, customizing the Website’s content and for promotional marketing purposes, to the extent allowed by law.
  • G By accepting this Agreement, the Subscriber also agrees that the Website may also research behavior patterns and trends to improve the subscribers’ user experience.
  • H The Website takes serious security measures to grant maximum protection to information against unauthorized access, modification, disclosure or deletion of data. The Subscribers’ details are always protected by highly sophisticated security system.
  • I The Website guards the Subscribers’ information on electronic and physical levels.
  • J The Website actively implements data loss prevention systems against leakage and theft in order to ensure that their platform is proof and updated against the latest vulnerabilities and zero day attacks and that it passes penetration tests. The Website also incorporates the most advanced security technologies available in order to ensure maximum safety of its Subscribers and safekeeping of their related data/information.
  • K The Website’s system meets the security standards of PCI DSS, a standard set by Visa/MasterCard laying down stringent requirements.
  • L The Website’s employees' access to any personal information of the Subscribers is extremely limited and they are bound by confidentiality obligations. Therefore, they might be subject to disciplinary measures, including the termination of their contracts and in serious cases even criminal prosecution should they fail to meet these strict obligations.
  • M The Website does not rent, sell, trade, share or otherwise transfer information to outside parties except the communication to the Website’s group companies and services providers in order to ensure the good functioning of the Website’s services.
  • N The Website does not allow its Broadcasters to record or capture the Members’ personal camera feeds during private chat/broadcasting. Such action is prohibited on the Website.
  • O The Subscribers may obtain a copy of any personal information that The Website processes and ask for rectification of any incorrect personal data, upon written request to the contacts provided in the present Agreement and indication of the address to which the information must be sent. If the subscriber would like to oppose the processing of personal data by the Website, He/She is entitled to cancel his/her subscription on the Website at any time as described above.
  • P The Website, upon reception of the above mentioned request, will communicate the personal data concerning the Subscriber to the email address provided during the registration process on the Website. The Website shall be held harmless in case the right, foreseen in the previous clause, is exercised and the personal data is lost or subject to unauthorized access.
  • Q In case of any queries, the Subscriber may use the contacts foreseen in section XII of the present Agreement.

10. 功能及安全性

  • A The Website is a Flash-technology based Website which also use the so-called “Shared-Object” technology with the aim to improve user’s experience.
  • B The Website suggests for the Subscribers to enable “Cookies” in their browsers to ensure full functionality.
  • C The Support Team monitors all streams on the Website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • D 由于设计得周到独特,我们网站从未有过任何严重的安全事故!

11. 垃圾郵件

  • A The Website does not send spam messages and will not tolerate spam, distancing themselves from any actions related to spamming.
  • B 以下將被視為垃圾郵件:
    1. Manipulating messages, such as email headers, sent to or through The Website’s computer systems in a way that may deceit subscribers of the Website.
    2. 在未經該第三方許可的情況下,從第三方的郵件伺服器中傳送電子郵件。
    3. Sending, relaying or causing to be sent false, deceptive information or that is otherwise against the business interest of the Website.
    4. Using or causing to be used the Website’s computer systems to facilitate the transmission of unsolicited or unauthorized material. This includes any promotional materials, URLs or any other form of unauthorized solicitation that you may upload, post, email, transmit, or otherwise make available.
    5. 上傳、發佈、電郵或傳送多次相同的訊息、網址或張貼多次。
    6. 通過多次連續發佈相同消息,僅使用大寫字母或以其他方式影響其他會員參與實時交換能力的方式發布消息,從而中斷對話的正常流動。
    7. Spamming through the Website’s system or disturbing its Subscribers is a violation of the present Terms and Conditions.
  • C The Website does everything in its power to protect its subscribers from deleterious effects of spamming.
  • D The use of all legal proceedings is considered if spamming inflicts a loss on the Website.
  • E Notwithstanding the above, The Website when authorized by the Subscribers, within the terms of the present Agreement, may send promotional e-mails about its own and about its partner-Website and every e-mail will contain the option to unsubscribe from the mailing list.
  • F Registered Subscribers may occasionally receive newsletters in relation to the Website. The messages sent to Subscribers are transactional or relationship messages. Subscribing to and unsubscribing from these newsletters take a single click. Any promotional messages will be only sent if the Subscriber has expressed its consent for receiving such promotional marketing services.
  • G In case Subscribers would like to report spam, it is recommended the use of “Message to Support function” in “My Account” or the sending of an email to help@paypsychic.com. The Website’ support team investigates all reports as soon as possible.

12. 聯絡資料

  • 12.1 客戶服務部可以聯繫:
    1. 即時在線支援;
    2. “Help” function
    3. 帳戶內「發送訊息給支援」功能;
    4. Sending of an email to help@paypsychic.com.
    5. 郵寄至L-1855 Luxembourg, 44, Avenue John F. Kennedy, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

13. 雜項

  • A 本協議規定了訂戶和網站對其主題事項的全面和完整的理解,並取代所有以前的書面或口頭理解或協議。
  • B 除非違反法律或以其他方式規定,本協議的每個條款在終止後仍然有效。
  • C 如果本協議的任何部分被有管轄權的法院視為可強制執行,則不影響本協議其他部分的可執行性。
  • D 任何訴訟中勝訴的一方執行本協議條款應有權收回其合理的律師費。
  • E If the Website changes the terms of this Agreement, The Website will post an updated set of terms and conditions on the Website and/or will post a change notice and/or send subscribers an email notice of the changes in advance of implementing the changes.
  • F If any modification is unacceptable to the Subscriber, he/she shall cease using the Website and its services and be able to terminate his subscription. If he/she does not cease using the Website and its services, he/she will be conclusively deemed to have accepted the change.
  • G The English version shall prevail of all legal statements, statutory declarations made by the Website, including the present Agreement. The Website does not accept any kind of legal claims, or other complaints for the misunderstandings as a result of any mistranslation.
  • H This Agreement and the relations arising out from it between, the Website and the Subscribers will be governed by the law of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
  • I Any disputes arising between the Website and the Subscribers will be settled amicably and only when this solution is not efficient, the competent jurisdiction for the disputes arising from this Agreement will be the courts of the Luxembourg City.